about DO3things

DO3things is built upon a simple premise, do three things (as big or small as you like) for a better life.

One for you.

One for someone else.

One for the world we share.


What three things did you do today?


10 responses to “about DO3things

  1. Today I built this blog. For me. For you. And for the world at large to share.

    And I made sure my wife and daughter know how much I love them.

  2. Today I went to the midwinter lights festival with Cate and Lils (for them). I had a lovely German beer (for me). I bought some lovely free range ham from our local butcher and kept money in the local economy rather than that of a big faceless supermarket (my local world).

  3. my 3 things today:
    for me: I went to surf on the Net,
    for someone else: I looked up your website
    for the world we share: I have left this post

  4. Me: finished one book (Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulkes) and started another (Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson)
    Someone else: spent quality time with my wife
    The World: gave up my time to do things for those closest to me

  5. For me: sent a research proposal that may be the start of further study

    For some one else: gave some advice about making constitutional change in an organisation

    For the world: ordered a bunch of energy efficient lightbulgs.

    Can’t promise I’ll do that much for the world every day, but I’ll try.

  6. Yeah. that would be lightbulbs.

    Probably something freudian there about obesity.

  7. For Me:- Handed in my notice to get out of dull admin for good

    For someone else: handed in my notice so my team dont have to listen to me constantly moan

    For the world: Put my change at Tescos in a charity box (and it was more than coppers)

  8. For me: Went to the gym and had a stonkingly good workout resulting in me now having a wonderful life affirming ache all over my body.

    For someone else: A trip to a provincial art gallery to pick up Lilly’s coat that had accidentally been left earlier in the week. It turned out to be a wonderful day out for all concerned.

    For the world: Clicked on the Hunger Site.

  9. Me: Went for a sunbed to get rid of my winter palour.

    Someone else: Hung out at childcare making clay penguins.

    The world: Spread the word on DO3things.

  10. For Me: Had a girls night in with my sister, partner and little girl, while my husband partied with mates.

    For Someone else: Made my husband and daughter a special breakfast of scrambled eggs with feta and salmon, topped off with a day for us.

    For the world: Had a conversation with a sales assistant that resulted in me putting her in touch with a colleague who helps people maximise their potential.

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